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Black Sea data from MMF-BLUE2 MTFR scenario run

Monthly surface data nitrate (mmol N/ m3), phosphate (mmol P /m3), chlorophyll a (mg Chla m/3), dissolved oxygen (deviation from the 100% saturation) (mmol O2/ m3), temperature (°C), salinity and net primary production (mmol N /m2/ day.

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Global administrative boundaries

ASAP information is provided at two spatial levels: national (Gaul0) and sub-national (Gaul1). The reference spatial layers are derived from the Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL) dataset, implemented by FAO within the CountrySTAT and Agricultural Mark...

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Global soil erosion by water in 2070

Land use and climate change impacts on global soil erosion by water (2015-2070). This dataset includes the baseline scenario (2015) and the future projections (2070) of soil erosion based on land use changes and climate change effects.

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Data from the 2009 LUCAS campaign soil component containing soil properties data (clay, silt and sand content, coarse fragments, pH, organic carbon content, CaCO3, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, cation exchane capacity) and multispectral absorbance data.

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Agricultural production hotspot assessments

The dataset contains monthly identification of agricultural production hotspot countries by JRC experts and summary narratives for agriculture and food security analysts. The hotspot identification focusses on 80 countries including the food insecure countrie...

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LUCAS 2015 Topsoil data of Switzerland

The dataset contains the data of physical and chemical properties analysed in samples taken in Switzerland within the context of LUCAS 2015 survey. These data have been used in the study "Comparison of sampling with a spade and gouge auger for topsoil monitori...

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Groundwater Resources maps of Europe

GIS Maps related to Groundwater resources in Europe, covering 3 themes: Inventory of aquifers; Hydrogeology of aquifers; Groundwater abstraction; for 9 European countries (Belgium, Federal Republic of Germany, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Nethe...