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Economic Lexicon

This dataset represents a dictionary specifically designed for textual applications in economics. The lexicon has been constructed with two important characteristics: 1) to have a wide coverage of terms typically used in documents discussing economic and finan...

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Energy-balance statistics seen from a network perspective

The JRC-ENERNET dataset was developed in the framework of the JRC Exploratory Research project SIACES (Sectoral Integration Assessment of Complex Energy Systems –31180-2021). This dataset translates energy balance statistics (published by Eurostat) into networ...

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LUCAS Vision

Crop identification using deep learning on LUCAS crop cover photos

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GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis

The GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis dataset is the new generation of the ERA5-forced hydrological reanalysis produced within the Copernicus Emergency Management Service including daily maps of discharge (in m3/s) with quasi global extent at 0.05 degree (~5...

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River flood hazard maps for Europe - version 1

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is version 1 of the European dataset of river flood hazard maps, for the most recent update please refer to the dataset "River flood hazard maps for Europe and the Mediterranean Basin region") The maps depict flood prone areas for rive...

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Sentiment analysis for Georgian

This dataset is the first ever publicly available annotated dataset for sentiment classification and semantic polarity dictionary for Georgian. We consider both three- (positive, neutral, negative) and four-tier (positive, neutral, negative, mixed) classificat...

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New genomic techniques

Review of market applications of new genomic techniques (NGTs). For the purposes of this study, NGTs are defined as ‘techniques that are able to alter the genetic material of an organism, developed after the publication of EU Directive 2001/18/EC’. This study...