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Growth rates of labour productivity

Annual growth rate of labour productivity defined as real value added per person or real value added per hours worked. Available by country and by NACE industry.

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Relative productivity levels by firm size compared to large firms

Labour productivity by size class compared to the labour productivity of large (250+ persons employed) firms. Labour productivity is defined as nominal value added per person. Available by country, by NACE industry and by size (micro, small, medium or large).

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Innovation Output Indicator

Composite indicator measuring the extent to which ideas stemming from innovative sectors are capable of reaching the market providing better jobs and making Europe more competitive. It complements the R&D intensity indicator (3% target of the Europe 2020 strat...

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Expenditure on education as % of GDP (by education level)

The indicator excludes funds from international agencies and other foreign sources; it also excludes household expenditure outside educational institutions. Change in the classification system in 2013. The official concordance has been applied.

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Value added in services by knowledge intensity

Value added at factor cost for knowledge-intensive services (KIS) and less knowledge-intensive services (LKIS) expressed as a share of the total value added and as a share of the value added from services. Created by filtering the original Eurostat dataset.