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AI Watch Index 2021

The AI Watch Index contains 22 indicators related to the development of AI from several perspectives, organised around 5 dimensions: (i) global view on the AI landscape, (ii) industry, (iii) research and& development (R&D), (iv) technology, and (v) societal as...

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UDP - Access to high speed broadband

The indicator measures the access to broadband and the quality of the connection in each municipality. The broadband speed has been classified into three different categories according to the quality of connection: below 30 Mbps (minimum required), between 3...

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Animation of OPERA rainfall accumulation

This data set shows accumulated rainfall animations for the whole of Europe, based on radar observations and their nowcast. The 15 minutes animation covers the time period from the past 5 hours till the next five hours, showing hourly rainfall accumulations. W...

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Resilience dashboard

The database contain a set of indicators extracted from publicly available data, providing a holistic view of vulnerabilities (i.e. features that can exacerbate the negative impact of crises and transitions, or obstacles that may hinder the achievement of l...

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Selected AI cases in the public sector

This dataset contains an updated list of selected cases taken from the public sector institutions in Europe on adopting and implementing AI. The cases have been collected within the AI for the public sector initiative from a series of activities (surveys, work...

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IPS Taxonomies

This datasets includes the taxonomies re-used or defined in the framework of the Innovative Public Services (IPS) Action of the EU ISA² Programme, and adopted in the service catalogue of the IPS Observatory (IPSO).

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Example Input File for the TRANSURANUS Platform

This is an example input file for the TRANSURANUS fuel performance code, to demonstrate TRANSURANUS users the structure and content of an input file. TRANSURANUS is a key instrument for the thermal, mechanical and neutron-physical analysis of a cylindrical fue...

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Economic Lexicon

This dataset represents a dictionary specifically designed for textual applications in economics. The lexicon has been constructed with two important characteristics: 1) to have a wide coverage of terms typically used in documents discussing economic and finan...

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TRIMIS projects

The TRIMIS database contains information on EU, national and international transport research and innovation. The database has two distinct datasets on transport projects and programmes.