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EFAS probabilistic precipitation forecast

This data set shows for the whole of Europe the probability [%] of precipitation exceeding 50/ 150 mm over the entire forecast range (7 i.e. 10 days). This is based on the probabilistic precipitation forecasts of the ECMWF (ECMWF-ENS) and DWD (COSMO-LEPS). Th...

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EFAS landslide susceptibility

This European landslide susceptibility map presents the spatial likelihood of landslide occurrence in 5 classes as a 1 km raster data set. Landslide susceptibility is the likelihood of a landslide to occur in an area controlled by local terrain conditions. Sus...

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EFAS soil moisture

This data set contains for the whole of Europe a set of layers on soil moisture estimates based on a) satellite information and b) hydrological model outcome. Additionally, it comes with a layer on soil moisture anomalies. Brief informaiton on the individual ...

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EFAS deterministic flood forecasts

This data set composes of two separate layers, each showing a deterministic flood forecast on a pan-European scale, one based on the deterministic meteorological forecast of the ECMWF and the other one on the deterministic forecast of the DWD. Each layer inclu...

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EFAS rapid flood mapping

This data set contains the estimated flood extent at 100 m resolution for the whole of Europe based on the EFAS flood forecast and local flood protection levels. The methodology in brief: For each location in the river the forecasted magnitude of peak dischar...

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EFAS flood probabilities

This data set shows for all European rivers the probability (in %) of the EFAS hydrological predictions (based on the ECMWF ensembles) exceeding the EFAS 5-year return period within the forecast range (next 10 days). This information is part of the operationa...

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EFAS latest 24 hour observed precipitation

This layer shows the 24-hour accumulated observed precipitation [mm] at all SYNOP stations across Europe. More details: It is valid for the 24-hour period ending at 06 UTC for the 00 UTC products and at 18 UTC for the 12 UTC products (on the same day). Four q...