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Secondary Raw Materials (SRMs)

Data on product composition and lifetime expections for typical products (notebook, screens, vehicles). Sources of data range from EUROSTAT (elaborated by JRC), JRC report, and H2020 ProSUM project.

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Raw Materials Scoreboard 2018

The Raw Materials Scoreboard (henceforth ‘RM Scoreboard’), a cornerstone of the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) and an integral and permanent part of the Raw Materials Information System, is published every two years. This section presents...

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"The database behind the applications contains: - data previously downloaded from UN Comtrade. UN Comtrade data were filtered by commodity code and year to obtain only non-energy, non-food raw material commodities traded in 2014. The Harmonized System versio...

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time-series based on C3S ERA5 for European regions

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GHG Emission Factors for Electricity Consumption

In the context of EU and Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, the JRC provides the last updated emission factors for calculating GHG emissions, attributed to the electricity consumption. The JRC-COM-NEEFE dataset includes National and European Em...

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GCoM - MyCovenant, 2021, First release

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) is an international initiative for climate action at city level. The present dataset refers to a comprehensive and harnessed collection of action plans and monitoring reports from MyCovenant platform ...

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Floods in Norway (2022-01-11)

Activation time (UTC): 2022-01-11 23:27:00 Event time (UTC): 2022-01-13 12:00:00 Event type: Flood (Ice jam flood) Activation reason: The extreme weather Gyda will hit western part and central part of Norway on Wednesday 12.01.2022. The extreme weather ...

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Windstorm in Norway (2021-11-22)

Activation time (UTC): 2021-11-22 17:48:00 Event time (UTC): 2021-11-19 00:00:00 Event type: Storm (Convective storm) Activation reason: On the 19th November 2021, a wind storm hit the middle part of Norway. During the storm, trees have fallen over crit...

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Volcano eruption in Tonga (2022-01-15)

Activation time (UTC): 2022-01-15 16:45:00 Event time (UTC): 2022-01-15 06:30:00 Event type: Volcanic activity (Tsunami) Activation reason: After the eruption of the underwater volcano Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai located 65km north of Tonga, a tsunami was...

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Flood in the Ebro river basin, Spain (2021-12-10)

Activation time (UTC): 2021-12-10 12:40:00 Event time (UTC): 2021-12-10 11:00:00 Event type: Flood (Riverine flood) Activation reason: The heavy rains and fast melting snow foreseen over the next 72 hours will produce floods of extraordinary intensity i...

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Audio recordings microphones dataset (gun shot)

Microphones recordings from the built-in microphone from 34 mobile phones (each equipped with a single microphone) stimulated by a gun shot sound. The recordings are in PCM format at 44.1 KHz. No SIM was inserted in the mobile phone and no personal data was re...