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Soil erosion by wind

This dataset consists of various elements related to soil erosion by wind: 1) Soil loss by wind erosion in European agricultural soils (2016); 1km resolution, 2) Land susceptibility to wind erosion (2014), 500m resolution, 3) Wind erosion susceptibility of Eu...

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Global Rainfall Erosivity

Rainfall erosivity dataset (2017) is one of the input layers when calculating the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) model, which is the most frequently used model for soil erosion risk estimation; for the whole World; R-factor map at resolutions of...

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Burnt area maps - EFFIS Damage Assessment

Data produced by the EFFIS Damage Assessment module, aimed to provide assessment of the burnt areas in Europe at the end of each fire season. Maps of burnt areas are derived from the classification of satellite images, outlining forest fires with a final size ...

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Suitability maps of Betula pendula (ForestFocus)

Suitability maps (raster format: geotiff) of Betula pendula, computed using the ForestFocus European dataset of species presence/absence. The adopted suitability model estimates the optimal environmental conditions for European tr...

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EFFIS Fire News

News related to forest fires in Europe. The news are derived from an automated process with human intervention. The automated process parse a series of RSS news feed, filtered out by keywords and geoparse them. The human intervention, obtained by the help of a...

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Forest Map MSPA 2006

The morphological spatial pattern analysis derived from the Forest/Non-Forest Map 2006 (FMAP2006) using the MSPA algorithm at a spatial resolution of 25-m. Further details available in: Soille P, Vogt P, 2008. Morphological segmentation of ...