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Digital Observatory For Protected Areas 4.1

The Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA) is a set of web services and applications that can be used primarily to assess, monitor, report and possibly forecast the state of and the pressure on protected areas at multiple scales. The data, indicators, ...

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11. Soil permeability

The European map of soil permeability displays the percentage of topsoil fine fraction (less than 63 micro m). It is possible to derive a rough estimation of the permeability very easily from the weight percentage of fine fraction.

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02. Indoor-radon-concentration

The European Indoor Radon Map reports the arithmetic means over 10 km x 10 km grid cells of annual indoor radon concentration in ground-floor rooms of dwelling.

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FTA - Free trade agreements study - 2016

FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS - These interactive factsheet and datasets complements the JRC scientific report "Cumulative economic impact of future trade agreements on EU agriculture", a study carried out by the European Commission (Joint Research Centre, working tog...