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Forest / Non-Forest Map 2000

Pan-European Forest / Non Forest Map with target year 2000, Data Source: Landsat ETM+ and Corine Land Cover 2000, Classes: forest, non-forest, clouds/snow, no data; Method: automatic classification performed with an in-house algorithm; spatial resolution: 25m

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Suitability maps of Larix decidua (ForestFocus)

Suitability maps (raster format: geotiff) of Larix decidua, computed using the ForestFocus European dataset of species presence/absence. The adopted suitability model estimates the optimal environmental conditions for European tre...

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Forest Map MSPA 2000

The morphological spatial pattern analysis derived from the Forest/Non-Forest Map 2000 (FMAP2000) using the MSPA algorithm at a spatial resolution of 25-m. Further details available in: Soille P, Vogt P, 2008. Morphological segmen...