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Mobile apps to fight the COVID-19 crisis

This dataset provides information about 837 mobile applications (apps) published across the whole world to fight the COVID-19 crisis. This information includes: (a) information available in the mobile app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play) between 20/04/...

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Mediterranean Sea virtual Physalia distribution

This data set contains 478 million individual positions of virtual P. Physalis colonies within the Mediterranean Sea. The data set is constructed by simulating the entrance of 1000 colonies per day into the Mediterranean Sea through the strait of Gibraltar for...

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A novel public dataset for developing and benchmarking indoor localization systems. We have selected and 3D mapped a set of representative indoor environments including a large office building, a conference room, a workshop, an exhibition area and a restaurant...

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Salvage loggings

Data on total harvest, salvage loggings and causes of salvage loggings in 17 Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

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2030 BAU Coefficients for CoM South Countries

In the framework of the Covenant of Mayors South project (CoM South), the EU-JRC provides scientific and technical assistance to the eight countries signing the regional Covenant of Mayors Mediterranean or CoM-Med: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mor...

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EDGAR v6.0 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EDGARv6.0 provides emissions of the three main greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) and fluorinated gases per sector and country. CO2 emissions are provided separately for CO2_excl_short-cycle_org_C and CO2_short-cycle_org_C. Emissions of CO2_excl_short-cycle_org...

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Mercury content in the European Union topsoil

Topsoil Hg concentrations (μg kg−1) across 26 EU countries estimated by deep neural network – regression kriging.The assessment is based on 21591 LUCAS samples (0-20cm) from 26 European Union countries.

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Land degradation in global arable lands

Analysis of the spatial footprint of the multiple forms of land degradation in global arable lands. This includes 5 land degradation processes: aridity, soil erosion, vegetation decline, soil salinization and soil organic carbon decline. Data are at global sca...

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Global Applications of Soil Erosion Modelling Tracker

Global Applications of Soil Erosion Modelling Tracker (GASEMT) includes 3030 individual modelling records from 126 countries, encompassing all continents. GASEMT includes peer-reviewed research literature on soil-erosion modelling published between 1994 and 20...

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Mass movement in Madeira, Portugal (2021-03-12)

Activation date: 2021-03-12 Event type: Mass movement Activation reason: A storm brought strong winds and heavy rain to parts of the Portuguese island of Madeira on 25 December 2020 . Flooding and landslides were reported in the municipality of S&ati...

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Flood in Münster (2021-03-29)

Activation date: 2021-03-29 Event type: Flood Activation reason: The CEMS Risk and Recovery Standard has been activated by the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) on behalf of Bezirksregierung Münster, for a retrospe...