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Selected AI4IOP cases for JRC134713 (preliminary)

This dataset is related with the upcoming report "Artificial Intelligence for Interoperability in the European Public Sector" (JRC134713) where the analysis resulted in the identification of 189 AI4IOP cases used then for the research described in the report

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EDO Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) (version 3.0.0)

Combined Drought Indicator based on SPI, soil moisture and fAPAR, to identify areas with potential to suffer agricultural drought, areas where the vegetation is already affected by drought conditions, and areas in recovery process to normal conditions after a ...

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IPS Taxonomies

This datasets includes the taxonomies used or defined in the framework of the Innovative Public Services (IPS) Action of the EU ISA² Programme, and adopted in the service catalogue of the IPS Observatory (IPSO).

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Socioeconomic Tracker using Unconventional Data

Modern economies and societies produce massive datasets that need to be analysed using new modelling techniques. In particular, measuring the informational content of text in economic and social news is useful for market participants and societies to adjust th...

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The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is designed to help national, regional and municipal policy makers identify local strengths and opportunities and benchmark their cities against similar urban centres using both quantitative and qualitative data. The Cu...

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Flood in Greece (2023-09-05)

Due to extreme rainfall in Thessaly Region, extended floods occurred in Magnesia Regional Unit, mostly around the city of Volos and coastal areas of Pelion mountain peninsula. Extreme rainfall is ongoing and according to the forecast of the National Meteorolog...

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Agri-enviromental semantic segmention of LUCAS

This dataset contains a semantic segmentation delineation derived from street-level images, focusing on categorizing agricultural and natural landscapes. With 35 distinct classes, including labels such as "field margin," "crop," "cropfield," and "ditch," the d...

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Landslide in western Slovenia (2023-08-06)

On the 06 August 2023 at 00:30, a landslide is reported to have affected an area near the National Meteorological Radar in western Slovenia. The situation could worsen in the following days and additional landslides may occur. Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping is r...

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EFAS v5.0 hydrological reanalysis

The EFAS v5.0 hydrological reanalysis dataset is the new generation of the hydrological reanalysis produced within the Copernicus Emergency Management Service including maps of discharge (in m3/s) with European extent at 1 arc minute (~1.5 km) grid resolution ...

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Export Control Handbook for Chemicals (2023 edition)

This dataset, published in 2023, contains a list of chemicals (around 2000) subject to export controls (restrictions, or prohibitions under sanctions) because of their inclusion in various EU regulations: -Dual-use regulation, (EU) No 2021/821 -The Chemical W...

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Wildfire in Rodopi, Greece (2023-08-21)

On the 21 August 2023 at 10:03 UTC, two wildfires started in two different forest areas near Sostis and Gratini villages in East Macedonia and Thrace Region. The fires are still ongoing. According to the Hellenic Fire Service 45 firefighters are currently oper...

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Wildfire in Euboea Island, Greece (2023-08-21)

On the 21 August 2023 at 08:11 UTC, a wildfire started in a forest area on Euboea island in Sterea Ellada Region. The fire is still active. According to the Hellenic Fire Service 40 firefighters are currently operating in the area, assisted by 2 ground force g...

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Wildfire in Sterea Ellada Region, Greece (2023-08-21)

On 21 August 2023 at 05:59 UTC two wildfires started in a forest area near Prodromos village (Sterea Ellada Region) and in the afternoon (15:10 UTC) in a forest area near Kyriaki village. The event is ongoing. Residents of the villages Prodromos, Paralia Saran...