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  • CONTRIBUTORS European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  • KEYWORDS ITA Copernicus Risk and Recovery Mapping Copernicus EMS Copernicus Emergency Management Service Risk and Recovery Mapping Activation Italy Copernicus Service
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Avalanche in Sauris, Italy (2021-03-12)

Activation date: 2021-03-12 Event type: Mass movement Activation reason: The scope of the current activation is the support of Regional Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) with geospatial analysis regarding the extent of the recent aval...

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EU Civil Protection Exercise: TWIST 2013 (2013-07-19)

Activation date: 2013-07-19 Event type: Other Activation reason: The map products were used in the framework of TWIST 2013 EU co-funded exercise, whose reference scenario is a landslide detaching from the submerged “Palinuro” volcano in southern Thyr...

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Flood assessment risk in Sardinia, Italy (2018-02-06)

Activation date: 2018-02-06 Event type: Flood Activation reason: This activation focuses on post-disaster situation analysis, concerning flood events that occurred from January 18 to January 22, 2017, within two main Sardinia’s rivers'&nbsp...

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Tsunami risk assessment in Southern Italy (2017-09-25)

Activation date: 2017-09-25 Event type: Other Activation reason: Pre-disaster situation analyses for four locations in Italy: Priolo (Sicilia), Otranto (Puglia), Metaponto (Basilicatta) and Catanzaro Lido (Calabria). All of the AOIs are located on th...

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Flood in Emilia Romagna, Italy (2023-05-25)

Activation date: 2023-05-25 Event type: Flood Activation reason: Emilia Romagna region, Italy, has been hit by a severe mereorological event that caused two severe flooding events within two weeks. In the second event on May the 16th the intense prec...

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Wildfires in Piedmont region, Italy (2021-03-23)

Activation date: 2021-03-23 Event type: Wildfire Activation reason: The CEMS Risk and Recovery Standard service has been activated to support the assessment of the wildfire events that have affected the Piedmont region, in Italy, between the 14th and...