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  • CONTRIBUTORS Nijs Wouter
  • SCIENCE AREAS Environment and climate change Energy and transport
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01_JRC-EU-TIMES Full model

Database with input files (Excel) for the JRC-EU-TIMES model, owned by JRC. The JRC-EU-TIMES model helps understanding the role of energy technologies and their innovation needs for meeting European policy targets related to energy and climate change. The mod...

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02_JRC-EU-TIMES Building Stock Module

This Excel file includes a geometry based calibration of the EU building stock and is one of the building blocks of JRC-EU-TIMES. For the residential sector, a bottom-up estimation of thermal requirements is based on EUROSTAT building categories (detached, sem...

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03_JRC-EU-TIMES Hydrogen module

One Excel file contains all data related to hydrogen in JRC-EU-TIMES: hydrogen production, storage, transport and distribution but also on technologies that consume and transform hydrogen. The other two files are the actual model files (Subres files), only for...