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INCA - Water Purification

This dataset is an output of KIP INCA. The water purification service refers to the removal of pollutants from water that is mediated by microorganisms, algae and plants and other ecological processes such as filtration, sequestration and storage of pollutants...

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EU Ecosystem Assessment - Freshwater Ecosystem

List of indicators included in the dataset: 1) River, Lakes and Freshwater ecosystem extent; 2) Domestic waste emissions to the environment; 3) Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Biochemical Oxygen Demand concentration in rivers below alert thresholds; 4) Frequenc...

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EU Ecosystem Assessment - Marine Ecosystem

This dataset contains the relevant products for the following indicators: Acidification, Sea surface temperature, Sea level anomaly, Seawater salinity, Chemicals load to sea, Nutrients load to sea, Riverine litter load to sea, "Fish mortality (F) of commercial...