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The database behind the applications contains: - data previously downloaded from UN Comtrade. UN Comtrade data were filtered by commodity code and year to obtain only non-energy, non-food raw material commodities traded in 2014. The Harmonized System version...

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Raw Materials Profiles

Collection of 15 raw materials' specific profiles, containing various quantitative information related to the supply/value chains.

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Material System Analysis (MSA)

The dataset contains raw data, calculations and results of a set of Material Flow Analyses realised for EU-28, i.e. the "EU Material System Analysis". It is composed of two consecutive batches: Batch 1 was issued in 2015 and consists of 28 selected raw materia...

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Raw Materials Scoreboard 2018

The Raw Materials Scoreboard (henceforth ‘RM Scoreboard’), a cornerstone of the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) and an integral and permanent part of the Raw Materials Information System, is published every two years. This section presents...

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Secondary Raw Materials

Data on product composition and lifetime expections for typical products (notebook, screens, vehicles). Sources of data range from EUROSTAT (elaborated by JRC), JRC report, and H2020 ProSUM project.

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BERD financed by public (government only) funds

Business enterprise R&D expenditure (BERD) financed by public funding (i.e. by the government) Other sources of public funding (i.e. Higher Education and EU funding) are not included. Created by filtering the original Eurostat dataset.

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Relative productivity levels by firm size compared to large firms

Labour productivity by size class compared to the labour productivity of large (250+ persons employed) firms. Labour productivity is defined as nominal value added per person. Available by country, by NACE industry and by size (micro, small, medium or large).