Uniaxial creep test data for P91 material at 600 °C and a stress of 155 MPa

Collection: ODIN-EU-MATISSE-110 : ODIN Uniaxial creep test data for P91 steel. 


The European Energy Research Alliance, set-up under the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan, has launched an initiative for a Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials

(JPNM). The JPNM aims at establishing key priorities in the area of advanced nuclear materials, identifying funding opportunities and harmonizing this scientific & technical domain at the European level by maximizing complementarities and synergies with the major actors of the field. The JPNM partners propose, through MatISSE, a combination of Collaborative Projects and Coordination and Support Actions to face the challenge of implementing a pan-European integrated research programme with common research activities establishing, at the same time, appropriate strategy and governance structure. Focusing on cross-cutting activities related to materials used in fuel and structural elements of safe and sustainable advanced nuclear systems, the project aims at covering the key priorities identified in the JPNM: pre-normative research in support of ESNII systems, Oxide Dispersed Strengthened steels, refractory composites for the high temperature applications, development of predictive capacities. MatISSE will foster the link between the respective national

research programmes through networking and integrating activities on material innovations for advanced nuclear systems, sharing partners best practices and setting-up efficient communication tools. It is expected that, through MatISSE, a real boost toward Joint Programming among the Member States, the European Commission and the main European research actors, will be achieved.


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  • Frits De Haan
  • Stefan Holmström
  • Jean-Marc Lapetite

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De Haan, Frits; Holmström, Stefan; Lapetite, Jean-Marc (2016): Uniaxial creep test data for P91 material at 600 °C and a stress of 155 MPa. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


Elevated temperature material properties

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