Organisation: European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Title: Small punch creep test data for 2.25 Cr 1Mo V mod material at 600 °C and a load of 340 N (fourth repeat test)


Data collection created in the scope of a programme designed to evaluate the reliability of the Small Punch (SP) testing method as an alternative mechanical test technique for evaluation of the residual life and integrity assessment of components in ageing plants. Tests were performed on the low alloy - 2¼Cr 1Mo V modified ferritic steel, widely selected for construction of high temperature components in petrochemical plants. The technique was shown to facilitate determination of both creep and tensile properties of materials. However, special attention was directed to the potential of the SP creep testing technique for assessing the deterioration of material due to hydrogen attack and thermal ageing, in comparison with conventional uniaxial creep methods.

Roger Christopher Hurst
Paolo Castello
Frederik Harskamp
Franco Di Persio
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Hurst, Roger Christopher; Castello, Paolo; Harskamp, Frederik; Di Persio, Franco (2016):  Small punch creep test data for 2.25 Cr 1Mo V mod material at 600 °C and a load of 340 N (fourth repeat test). European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] doi:10.5290/1000000110003 PID:
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Last modified 2016-02-26
Issue date 2016
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Geographic area European Union
Language English
Data theme(s) Energy; Science and technology
Digital Object Identifier doi:10.5290/1000000110003

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