Data Management Survey of Citizen Science Projects - 2015

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Results of the data management survey of citizen science projects that was conducted in the summer of 2015.


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Schade, Sven; Tsinaraki, Chrysi (2016): Data Management Survey of Citizen Science Projects - 2015. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


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Data access

Survey data, anonymised
  • Raw data as collected during the survey, without information allowing to identify individual contributors.

CS paper analysis script
  • Script in R, as used for the analysis of the paper: Scientific Data from and for the Citizen; Schade S., Tsinaraki C. and Roglia E; 2017.

Survey analysis script
  • Script in R, as used for the analysis of the survey.


Scientific data from and for the citizen
Schade, S., Tsinaraki, C. and Roglia, E., Scientific data from and for the citizen, FIRST MONDAY, 2017, ISSN 1396-0466, 22 (8), JRC107260.
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  • Abstract

    Powered by advances of technology, today’s Citizen Science projects cover a wide range of thematic areas and are carried out from local to global levels. This wealth of activities creates an abundance of data, for example, in the forms of observations submitted by mobile phones; readings of low-cost sensors; or more general information about peoples’ activities. The management and possible sharing of this data has become a research topic in its own right. We conducted a survey in the summer of 2015 in order to collectively analyze the state of play in Citizen Science. This paper summarizes our main findings related to data access, standardization and data preservation. We provide examples of good practices in each of these areas and outline actions to address identified challenges.

Survey report: data management in Citizen Science projects
Schade S and Tsinaraki C. Survey report: data management in Citizen Science projects . EUR 27920. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2016. JRC101077
  • Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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  • Abstract

    A Citizen Science and Smart City Summit, organised by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in 2014, identified the management of citizen-collected data as a major barrier to the re-usability and integration of these contributions across borders. We followed up on these find-ings with a Citizen Science survey, experiments on a repository for EU-funded Citizen Science projects, and discussions with the European and international Citizen Science community. This report summarises the outcomes of the survey. Amongst other findings, the 121 responses clearly underlined the diversity of projects in terms of topicality, funding mechanisms and geographic coverage, but also provided valuable insights relat-ed to the access and re-use conditions of project results. While, for example, 60% of the participat-ing projects follow a dedicated data management plan and a majority of projects provides access to raw or aggregated data, the exact use conditions are not always put into place or miss well-defined licenses. Apart from replies from all across the globe, this activity also helped us to connect to the relevant players. Discussions on data management in support of Citizen Science could already be initiated with representatives of the European, American and Australian Citizen Science associations.

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