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Title: Biofuels pathways. Input values and GHG emissions. Database (COM(2016)767)


This database accompanies the JRC Report EUR 28349 EN. The database contains all the input numbers and sources used for the calculations of the typical and default GHG emission values presented in Annex V of of the Proposal for a Recast of the Renewable Energy Directive COM(2016) 767. It also contains: i) final GHG emissions results, ii) several worksheets with general input data used in various pathways iii) specific input data for all the considered pathways. Stakeholders can use the database to get a deeper insight into the values contained in Annex V, and into the input data used in each pathway (from cultivation of feedstock to conversion, transport and distribution of the final product), including their sources. Contacts are provided here in case of queries on the values and errors in the file. This file contains the values exactly as reported in the Annex V of the Proposal (published in November 2016). In case of changes to the values before the policy approval, new versions ...

Robert Edwards
Monica Padella
Jacopo Giuntoli 0000-0001-6226-9636
Renate Koeble
Adrian O'Connell
Claudia Bulgheroni
Luisa Marelli 0000-0002-1152-0170
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Edwards, Robert; Padella, Monica; Giuntoli, Jacopo; Koeble, Renate; O'Connell, Adrian; Bulgheroni, Claudia; Marelli, Luisa (2016):  Biofuels pathways. Input values and GHG emissions. Database (COM(2016)767). European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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  • AnnexV_COM2016-767_v1_July17 Excel XLS

    The database is created in Microsoft Excel. It has a user-friendly interface to facilitate distribution and use among stakeholders. Please start with the 'Contents' worksheet from which you can select any of the other worksheets.


  • publication Definition of input data to assess GHG default emissions from biofuels in EU legislation: Version 1c - July 2017

    Edwards, R., Padella, M., Giuntoli, J., Koeble, R., O` Connell, A., Bulgheroni, C. and Marelli, L., Definition of input data to assess GHG default emissions from biofuels in EU legislation: Version 1c - July 2017, EUR 28349 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2017, ISBN 978-92-79-64616-4 (main report print),978-92-79-66184-6 (annex print),978-92-79-64617-1 (main report PDF),978-92-79-66185-3 (annex PDF), doi:10.2790/22354 (main report print),10.2760/366440 (annex print),10.2790/658143 (main report online),10.2760/284718 (annex online), JRC104483.


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