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Title: EMIS - Oxygen Depletion Risk Index


Particulate matter (particulate backscatter coefficient at 443nm, bbp in m^-1 at 4km resolution): The backscatter coefficient bbp represents the fraction of incident light that is scattered backward from its original path by particulate material in the water. The backscattering coefficient gives a good indication of the concentration of suspended organic and inorganic particles (e.g. sediments) in the water.

Adolf Stips
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Stips, Adolf (2013):  EMIS - Oxygen Depletion Risk Index. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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Last modified 2013-06-11
Issue date 2013-08-29
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From: 1998-01-01 – To: 2015-07-31

Language English
Data theme(s) Environment
EuroVoc domain(s) 36 SCIENCE; 52 ENVIRONMENT
EuroVoc concept(s) environmental monitoring; ocean; oceanography; protected area
Geographic information
General information: Monthly mean particulate backscattering coefficient at 443nm in m^-1 derived from the MODIS-AQUA sensor. Processing information: bbp data is reprocessed using SeaDAS 6.4 software and the QAA algorithm (Lee et al., 2002). Temporal characteristics: This ...
Geographic bounding box

70.0° N, 42.0° E, 10.0° S, -30.0° W

Coordinate Reference System ETRS89

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