Floods in Australia (2022-10-12)

Collection: CEMS-RM : CEMS Rapid Mapping 


Activation time (UTC): 2022-10-12 08:17:00
Event time (UTC): 2022-10-12 02:30:00
Event type: Flood (Riverine flood)

Activation reason:
The Australian Continent continues to experience a prolonged rainfall event. This ongoing weather pattern has now impacted most of the state of New South Wales where a large number of the communities within the area are experiencing severe flooding that has so far resulted in 2 fatalities. The National Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) have issued NSW with numerous flood warnings for rivers and their catchments throughout the State. We have also seen local authorities evacuate townships. Continued and extensive rainfall is expected in the areas of interest over the coming days as well as in the northern part of Victoria. This will most likely lead to more flooding in already saturated catchments. The activation of Copernicus will fill a critical gap in the Australian Government's situational awareness of the event. With thick cloud expected to cover the AOIs for the coming days we are unable to use optical satellites to capture the flood extent. We therefore require assistance through the use of a cloud penetrating radar capability to acquire these areas. Copernicus EMS RM is required to provide Delineation products with a daily monitoring.

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Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Mapping is a service funded by European Commission aimed at providing actors in the management of natural and man-made disasters, in particular Civil Protection Authorities and Humanitarian Aid actors, with mapping products based on satellite imagery.


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Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping Activation [EMSR637]: Floods in Australia (2022-10-12)
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Spatial coverage

Type Value
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:outerBoundaryIs>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:coordinates>143.72300682518,-28.773442751004 153.34776522021,-28.773442751004 153.34776522021,-36.50267821487 143.72300682518,-36.50267821487 143.72300682518,-28.773442751004</gml:coordinates>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:outerBoundaryIs></gml:Polygon>
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:exterior>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:posList>143.72300682518 -28.773442751004 153.34776522021 -28.773442751004 153.34776522021 -36.50267821487 143.72300682518 -36.50267821487 143.72300682518 -28.773442751004</gml:posList>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:exterior></gml:Polygon>
POLYGON ((143.72300682518 -28.773442751004, 153.34776522021 -28.773442751004, 153.34776522021 -36.50267821487, 143.72300682518 -36.50267821487, 143.72300682518 -28.773442751004))
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:outerBoundaryIs>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:coordinates>143.7230068251828,-28.77344275100419 153.3477652202077,-28.77344275100419 153.3477652202077,-36.50267821486976 143.7230068251828,-36.50267821486976 143.7230068251828,-28.77344275100419</gml:coordinates>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:outerBoundaryIs></gml:Polygon>
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:exterior>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:posList>143.7230068251828 -28.77344275100419 153.3477652202077 -28.77344275100419 153.3477652202077 -36.50267821486976 143.7230068251828 -36.50267821486976 143.7230068251828 -28.77344275100419</gml:posList>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:exterior></gml:Polygon>
POLYGON ((143.72300682518281 -28.77344275100419, 153.34776522020769 -28.77344275100419, 153.34776522020769 -36.502678214869761, 143.72300682518281 -36.502678214869761, 143.72300682518281 -28.77344275100419))

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