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Title: INCA - Recreation - ES Potential - 2000-2006-2012


This dataset is an output of KIP INCA. It describes the potential (ES Potential) of land to support outdoor recreation on a daily basis (requiring short distance movement to reach a recreational area).

Outdoor recreation is a cultural ecosystem service that includes all physical and intellectual interactions with biota, ecosystems, land-/seascapes.

Outdoor recreation potential is assessed based on the contribution of ecosystems to offer recreation opportunities (ecosystem-based potential) but also on other human inputs. The ecosystem-based potential depends on the ecosystem properties and conditions at ecosystem level. It includes a suitability score to support recreation for each land cover type (i.e. zero very low artificial areas, close to one semi-natural areas), quality and distance to water bodies and the presence of protected areas. However, the ecosystem-based potential is largely supplemented by human inputs such as roads and residential areas. Recreational areas close to ...

Joachim Maes
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Maes, Joachim (2018):  INCA - Recreation - ES Potential - 2000-2006-2012. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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  • publication Ecosystem services accounting: Part I - Outdoor recreation and crop pollination

    Vallecillo Rodriguez, S., La Notte, A., Polce, C., Zulian, G., Alexandris, N., Ferrini, S. and Maes, J., Ecosystem services accounting: Part I - Outdoor recreation and crop pollination , EUR 29024 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018, ISBN 978-92-79-77333-4, doi:10.2760/619793, JRC110321.


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Issue date 2018-03-05
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Temporal coverage

From: 2000-01-01 – To: 2012-01-01

Update frequency not planned
Language English
Data theme(s) Economy and finance; Environment
EuroVoc concept(s) biotope; land use
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81.4° N, 43.2° E, 35.3° S, -11.5° W

Coordinate Reference System ETRS89 / LAEA Europe

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