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Title: EMIS - EUNIS Broadscale Seabed Habitats of the Northeast Atlantic and Adjacent Seas


The EUNIS-compliant geospatial datasets concerning broadscale seabed habitat distributions that are currently available (Spring 2015) from the EMODNET portal cover only around half of the European Union (EU) waters in the Northeast Atlantic and adjacent Seas. This work focused on expeditiously complementing this coverage by bringing in, and harmonizing where needed, complementary EUNIS-compliant data from the UNEP/GRIDA Global Seafloor Geomorphic Features Map and the EEA EIONET Ecosystem Map. The polygon shapefile produced extends for approximately 8.7 million square kilometres, spreading out to the limits of the Extended Continental Shelf areas claimed in the by EU Member States in the Northeast Atlantic. This new dataset significantly improves the existing EUNIS-compliant coverage by (i) populating the deep-sea and offshore areas with previously disregarded geomorphic-based habitat classes and by (ii) adding information for EUNIS classes A1, A2, X1 and X2/X3. The coverage of EUNIS ...

Pascal Derycke
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Derycke, Pascal (2016):  EMIS - EUNIS Broadscale Seabed Habitats of the Northeast Atlantic and Adjacent Seas. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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Data theme(s) Environment
EuroVoc domain(s) 52 ENVIRONMENT
EuroVoc concept(s) biotope
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This geospatial dataset serves for information purposes only and should not be considered as officially representing marine borders in accordance with international law. This dataset was produced by Fernando Tempera at the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC) in ...
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66° N, 36° E, 25° S, -42° W

Coordinate Reference System ETRS89

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