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Economic and monetary union
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FOWN : FOWN: a database on foreign ownership

FOWN contains yearly firm-level data on firms active in EU28 but owned by a company/family/individual located outside the European Union. These data are used to monitor nonEU investments in EU28

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HousingTaxation : Housing Taxation Database

Information on the housing related taxes (e.g., property transfer tax rates, capital gains tax rates, implicit property tax rates, imputed rent taxation, mortgage interest deductions, etc.) and other non-tax policy related data (cpi, long term government bond yields, dwelling sto...

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RHOMOLO-MRIO : EU Regional Datasets (RHOMOLO Team)

This collection contains data related to the RHOMOLO model, including the Inter-Regional Input-Output (IRIO) tables for 2013 and a dataset of regional transport costs and distances. IRIO 2013 is a complete dataset of inter-regional Input Output Tables and trade flows for EU-28 a...

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PREDICT : Prospective insights on R&D in ICT

PREDICT produces statistics and analyses on ICT industries and their R&D in Europe since 2006. The project covers major world competitors including 40 advanced and emerging countries - the EU28 plus Norway, Russia and Switzerland in Europe, Canada, the United States and Brazi...

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FAD : Fisheries and Aquaculture data

The following collection contains data produced by the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector at JRC in the context of the research and scientific support to the Common Fisheries Policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

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ResilienceDashboards : Resilience Dashboards

The dataset covers four dimensions (Social-Economic, Green, Digital and Geopolitical) with more than 100 indicators from different public sources (Eurostat, OECD, World Bank, etc.), together with associated meta-data detailing sources, definitions, rationales, etc.. The target ...