CoM Default Emission Factors

Acronym: COM-EF


The 'CoM Default Emission Factors' collection consists of emission factors and coefficients provided to the Covenant of Mayors initiative for the calculation of

local Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission inventories (in CO2 and CO2 equivalent), using standard (e.g. based on IPCC factors) or LCA (Life cycle assessment) approaches. The collection includes Tables of factors for the calculation of direct and indirect emissions of GHG (CO2, CH4 and N2O), which are provided as PDF files on the Covenant of Mayors website(s) :

The datasets (Version 2017) include:

1. CoM Default Emission factors for EU (comw-ef-2017) .


CoM Default Emission factors and coefficients for the Eastern Partnership (come-ef-2017).

3. CoM Default Emission factors and coefficients for the Southern Partnership (coms-ef-2017).


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