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EN Eurocodes that are a set of 10 European Standards, EN 1990 - EN 1999, providing common technical rules for the design of buildings and other civil engineering works and construction products.

Since March 2005, the Joint Research Centre provides scientific and technical support to DG GROW of the European Commission in the frame of Administrative Arrangements on the Eurocodes. In this context, the EUROCODES project is ongoing and its main objectives are:

- further harmonization and evolution of policies and technical tools in the field of sustainable construction;

- promotion of the construction sector outside EU.

The EUROCODES project presently ensures the development and maintenance of a Website on the Eurocodes and of a Database with the Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs Database) adopted in the countries of EU and EFTA applying the EN Eurocodes. The NDPs, are those parameters that were left open in the Eurocodes for national choice, to be used for design of buildings and civil engineering works, in order to take into account country differences in geographical, geological or climatic conditions, as well as different requirements for safety levels in the Member States. Users of the Eurocodes Website have access to a database of publications addressing the Eurocodes.

The Eurocodes Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs database) is stored in a relational database management system (RBBMS).

The Eurocodes Publications database is a library of the Metadata of publications related to the Eurocodes. It is

stored in a relational database management system (RBBMS).


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The Eurocodes Publications Database stores guidance material dedicated to the Eurocodes and references to publications addressing the Eurocodes. The Database provides access to ma...

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