Organisation: European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Title: NANoREG Toolbox for the Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials


The NANoREG project: 'A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials', funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme, under grant agreement nr. 310584 ( produced two major project outputs: the NANoREG Framework and the NANoREG Toolbox for the Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials. The Toolbox supports the implementation of the Framework by providing an overview of available tools (test methods, datasets, models, guidance documents, decision trees, etc.) useful to regulators and other stakeholders in the European REACH context. In this dataset, these tools and the purpose, type, regulatory acceptability status and access information of as well as other metadata about each tool are recorded. The two separate files of the dataset cover presently available (Toolbox) and upcoming tools (Prospective tools).

Paula Jantunen 0000-0002-5105-6229
Stefania Gottardo 0000-0001-6465-6218
Hugues Crutzen 0000-0002-7482-0568
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Jantunen, Paula; Gottardo, Stefania; Crutzen, Hugues (2017):  NANoREG Toolbox for the Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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  • publication NANoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials

    Gottardo S; Alessandrelli M; Valeria A; Atluri R; Barberio G; Bekker C; Bergonzo P; Bleeker E; Booth A; Borges T; Buttol P; Carlander D; Castelli S; Chevillard S; Clavaguera S; Dekkers S; Delpivo C; Di Prospero Fanghella P; Dusinska M; Einola J; Ekokoski E; Fito C; Gouveia H; Grall R; Höhener K; Jantunen A; Johanson G; Laux P; Lehmann H; Leinonen R; Mech A; Micheletti C; Noorlander C; Olof-Mattsson M; Oomen A; Quiros Pesudo L; Polci M; Prina-Mello A; Rasmussen K; Rauscher H; Sanchez Jimenez A; Riego Sintes J; Scalbi S; Sergent J; Stockmann-Juvala H; Simko M; Sips A; Suarez B; Sumrein A; Van Tongeren M; Vazquez S; Vital N; Walser T; Wijnhoven S; Crutzen H. NANoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials. EUR 28550 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2017. JRC105651


  • publication The NANoREG Toolbox
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