Organisation: European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Title: Beverage carton converting; Converting; converting mix, at plant; beverage carton (Location: EU-27)


The manufacture of transport packaging materials, such as typically cardboard or shrink foil required for delivery to the filler is excluded in the LCI dataset presented here. It should be noted that it might be appropriate to consider the production of these materials when conducting a LCA study on beverage cartons. It is recommended to contact ACE regarding the question if this LCI dataset on converting is applicable in a specific study context. It is recommended to contact the beverage carton producer regarding detailed material composition of the beverage carton under examination. Note: VOC emissions from process depend on the printing technology applied and could considerably differ from the average value given here for a specific site or beverage carton product. Note: Air emissions from on-site fuel use for a specific site depend on the actually applied flue gas cleaning technology. This technology could be different from the average technology underlying this dataset in case of ...

Simone Fazio
David Pennington
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Fazio, Simone; Pennington, David (2009):  Beverage carton converting; Converting; converting mix, at plant; beverage carton (Location: EU-27). European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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Issue date 2009-01-01
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From: 2009-01-01 – To: 2014-01-01

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Data theme(s) Environment; Science and technology
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