Aeronet OceanColor


The network AERONET - Ocean Color (AERONET-OC) provides the capability of measuring the radiance emerging from the sea (i.e., water-leaving radiance) with sun-photometers installed on offshore platforms like lighthouses, oceanographic and oil towers. AERONET-OC is instrumental ...

Datasets organisation

Dataset: Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance corrected for the effects of the non-isotropic distribution of the in-water radiance field (i.e., f/Q Corrected) (Data Units: mW/(cm2 sr um))

Level 1.0 - unscreened data Level 1.5 - cloud-screened data Level 2.0 - cloud-screened and ...

Contact point name Marine Optical Laboratory, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Joint Research Centre
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